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Intelescope has conducted several, row-detection projects. Read More

Orthophoto Generation


Intelescope was commissioned to photograph and orthorectify imagery of 180,000 ha in the SE USA. Read More

Land Cover

MG, Brasil

Intelescope has conducted vast, land cover projects in Brazil. Read More

Satellite Image Analysis

Central America

Prior to swift acquisition, we had been requested to apply our failure analysis to Satellite Imagery. Read More

Failure Analysis

BA, Brasil

Intelescope has successfully conducted large scale failure analysis projects. Read More

Orthophoto Generation

RN, Uruguay

In Rio-Negro, Uruguay, Intelescope was commissioned to photograph and orthorectify 20,000 hectares of forests. Read More

Tree Detection

MS, Brasil

Intelescope was commissioned to conduct a qualitative inventory project of eucalyptus in MS, Brazil. Read More

Orthophoto Generation

PA, Brasil

Intelescope offers cost-effective orthophoto production, tailored to forestry needs. Read More

Orthophoto Generation

SC, Brasil

Conducted in Santa Caterina, Brasil and consisted of 35,000 ha of forest property scattered over a wide area. Read More

Weeding Maps

MG, Brasil

Intelescope was commissioned to conduct a weed detection and mapping project of a young eucalyptus plantation. Read More

Orthophoto Generation


We conducted this project for one of the world's largest teak owners. Read More

Orthophoto Generation

GO, Brasil

Intelescope delivered numerous aerial imagery and analysis projects to SLC Agricola. Read More
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Intelescope's Software-Based Forest Analytic Solutions

Intelescope's software-based forest analysis has proven to cut forestry costs and damage to the environment while improving accuracy and business performance.
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Our Clients

Plum Creek Timber
Foley Timber and Land Company, L.P.
SLC Agrícola
Suzano Papel e Celulose
The Forest Company Ltd.
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